Hives On My Hands!

It’s common for people to develop hives on their hands as these are the most likely part of your body to touch a foreign substance. Certain people are allergic to different substances. Those who may be allergic to a soap, once they was their hands they will notice they break out in hives. This breakout will include raised red welts and itchy patches of skin. You can learn more about hives at Are Hives Contagious.

You Are At A Higher Risk For Insomnia If…

There are a few things that have been medically proven to put you at a higher risk for developing insomnia sleeping conditions. Women tend to be at a much higher risk for a disrupted sleep cycle than men. It’s thought that menopause doesn’t play a big role in sleeping problems. If you are older than sixty years old you will notice increased insomnia.

Those with mental disorders will find it hard to get a good night’s sleep. Those under a great deal of stress will experience many sleepless nights. Traveling long distances can greatly disturb your sleeping patterns. Lastly, if you work swing shift it can be hard to develop good sleeping hygiene for your body. You can learn more about these risk factors at

Boil – A Localized Skin Infection

A boil is a localized skin infection. It starts as a red and tender lump on the surface of the skin. Over time it will develop into a larger bump and fill with a white or yellow pus. This pus occurs due to your body’s white blood cells visiting the infection site to rid the body of the foreign bacteria. Boils can develop anywhere on the body. They are more common to show up in areas that seem to get a lot of friction, say from clothes rubbing up against them. They can also develop due to an ingrown hair.

The center of the boil will become soft when it fills with the pus. And if you are wondering ‘are boils contagious‘ the truth is the boils themselves are contagious via this pus inside of them. If the pus reaches other areas of your skin or someone else’s skin it’s likely a boil will develop. The collection of white or yellow pus is simply a combination of the infection, proteins, and white blood cells.

Symptoms Of Gamophobia (fear of marriage)

Those how have gamophobia will experience a number of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms when they are exposed to their fear. These can be mild feelings that the person can control or extreme panic attacks they cannot. Each person’s severity of gamophobia is a bit different as you will note by looking at

On a mental level, patients tend to have obsessive thoughts about marriage and difficulty trying to think about other things than this specific fear. They will play bad movies and images in their minds as they lose control when marriage is brought up.

Emotion symptoms include anticipatory anxiety where the patient worries for an upcoming event that involves marriage they are attending. This worrying can last for literally weeks before the event ever takes place.

Physical symptoms include dizziness, sweating, trembling, difficulty breathing, chest pains, numbness, and hot flashes. For some this could go into a full blown panic attack where they have shortness of breath and a feeling of choking.

Understanding Brontophobia Better

Brontophobia is the abnormal and persistent fear of lightning and thunder. This causes immense anxiety in individual sufferers when a stormy is happening outside. They understand that the storm poses them no real danger or threat, but they find it hard to control the way their body reacts to it.

It’s common for brontophobia sufferers to avoid going out in any bad weather. They will tend to check the forecast many times throughout the day and will plan activities on days they know there is no possibility of a storm developing. When a storm happens they tend to seek extra shelter. For most, standing inside of their house or under a roof is enough protect.

However, for these sufferers this level of protection just doesn’t cut it. They will tend to hide under the covers, bed, in the closet, or in the basement. They seek some other safer area in the house where they can typically drown out the noises of the thunder rolling and the lightning striking.

Do You Freak Out When It Storms Outside?

If you tend to feel extremely anxious when it storms outside it’s likely that you have a phobia called astraphobia. Don’t worry though, many people have this fear as it tops the list of the most common phobias that people have. But, this is an irrational fear that requires your attention.

Seeking treatment for your fear of thunder and lightning is important to your overall well being. Going through life fearing things is not the way to go. Instead you should work on overcoming your fears and empowering your life. To learn how to overcome your astraphobia be sure to check out, which is a complete guide on how to do it.

Understanding the cause of your phobia is important. Some develop to traumatic events that happened in your past and others develop because of the things you have been told are bad for you. Getting at the route of why you have astraphobia is important to eventually overpowering it.

The Truth About Vaginal Tightness

To explain to you why some women feel they have too tight or too loose vaginas it’s important to show how the vagina is constructed in the first place. Think of the vaginal muscles as an accordion shape, just like the roof of your mouth. The muscles are folded over and are very elastic.

At normal rest the vaginal muscles retain this folded structure. The perception of being too tight comes from this logic. When a woman experiences any sort of sexual anxiety the vaginal muscles squeeze together even tighter. This can make it hard to insert any object or make vaginal penetration painful.

On the other hand, during sexual arousal the folded muscles begin too loosen. This allows for pleasurable insertion during sex. It’s natural for women to biologically want to reproduce, so the loosening of the vag muscles allows for a great chance of becoming fertile.

The reason a woman may feel she has a loose flappy vagina is most likely due to one of two reasons. The first is the natural process of aging where the vaginal muscles tend to slacken. This is the same with most muscles throughout the body.

The second reason is the vagina has been put under a great deal of stress from stretching. This typically occurs in women who gave birth to multiple children. To constant stretching over time can make it hard for the vaginal muscles to snap back into their place.